Moorish castle of Salobreña

From the terrace of the villas of Villas Colores Spain which are located at the hill "Monte de los Alemdros" you can admire the breathtaking view over Salobreña. Besides the beautiful blue sea and the mountains, the Moorish castle of Salobreña immediately catches the eye. The castle is beautifully illuminated after sunset, which provides a spectacular sight. This way, you can enjoy the fantastic panorama all evening while having a drink on the terrace.

From a distance, the castle looks very impressive, inviting you to come and visit. You park your car in the centre of Salobreña and follow the marked walking route.

Moors castle

Walking route to the castle

From the centre of Salobreña (starting point behind the tourist office) there is a beautiful walking path up to the castle. Your effort is immediately rewarded when you reach the old Moorish fortress, what a fantastic view! Now is the time to get your camera and take some fantastic photographs. With the Mediterranean Sea on the one side and the mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada on the other, the photos are postcard-worthy.

You can also enter the castle, the admission fee is €4. The accessible parts of the castle, together with the imposing observation towers, take you through the history of the castle. It is moving to realize how many different feet have already walked on the tiles of the castle over the past hundreds of years.

Walk through Salobreña up to the castle

Historical background

Due to the strategic location of the castle, it was formerly used as a defense fortress. You could see the enemy approaching from sea, miles in advance, and inland visibility stretches for many miles as well. The castle served as a royal palace for the Moors. Because Andalusia was the last Islamic part of Spain, it was not conquered by the Christians until 1489. After this, the castle was used as a military fortress. The mixture of Moorish and Christian influences is recognizable when you walk through the castle.

After the visit, you can wander through the winding streets of old Salobreña with its characteristic white houses and beautiful, colourful flowers and enjoy the many views over land and sea. After returning to your villa you can relax while enjoying a drink on the terrace and enjoy the view of the castle you have just visited.

Spectaculair view from the castle of Salobreña

Additional information

For more information about the start of the walk, please report to the office of Villas Colores Spain. If you want to learn more about Moorish history and other Moorish castles, the Alhambra in Granada is an absolute must!

Opening hours of the castle of Salobreña:
Daily 10:00-1:30 pm and 4:00-5.30 pm.

Entrance fee is € 4 per person. Children under the age of 12 have free access.